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5th Model Burnside - Lots of Original Finish
5th Model Burnside - Lots of Original Finish

5th Model Burnside - Lots of Original Finish

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This is a beautiful example of the Civil War's third most-used carbine. This 4th model Burnside carbine is in outstanding condition, above average condition with beautiful, original finish remains on all metal parts. The receiver is retains a lot of its original color case hardening which has largely turned patina. The stamps on the lock are deep and legible and neither the lock nor the receiver have any rust or pitting. The numbers on the the block and receiver both match and both parts are in excellent condition with no rust or pitting. The barrel maintains its original blued finish as well, with just a little lights surface rust in some areas. The block and top strap are still maintain much of their vibrant nitre-blue colors.  

The stocks are in beautiful shape with no cracks, chips, or major dents. An inspector's cartouche is still visible on the butt stock.

The bore is fair with strong rifling but some scattered pitting.

Naturally this carbine functions flawlessly. The block drops out with ease; although someone at some point appears to have hammered on the left side of the receiver and block (see pictures). These dents are minor and cosmetic only as the breech moves freely. The hammer holds beautifully on both full and half cock. The saddle bar is missing, but a replacement can be obtained from Therifleshoppe.com

This desirable and collectible carbine is a true investment piece. A beautiful, unmolested example of Civil War history!

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