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Baltimore A. McComas Drilling

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When it comes to double barrel weapons, the pieces most commonly encountered by the modern collector are usually Belgian or English. These two countries dominated the double barrel shotgun market and exported their guns so inexpensively to North America that American gun companies simply couldn't compete. This makes American-made guns quite rare; and combination guns; like this one are nearly unheard of. This handsome shotgun features a smoothbore, 12 gauge shotgun barrel, as well as a rifle barrel of roughly .50 caliber. It was built by Alexander McComas. McComas was well known all over the southern states and along the east coast. He was both a gun maker and importer of a variety of firearms, sporting ammunition and other related goods. McComas was born on February 27, 1821 to Preston McComas and Hannah Gough at Southhampton Farm, Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland.  The United States Federal Census of 1850 lists McComas living with his wife Mary and son Edward at their home on East Fayette Street, Baltimore.  Additionally, two young apprentice gunsmiths John Clenney age 20 and Oscar Johnston age 14 also lived at the McComas residence.  McComas began his trade in arms manufacturing at the early age of 13, bound to gunsmith Charles C.C. O’Brien.  McComas stayed with O’Brien for six years before finishing up his remaining 3 years bound to an unknown gunsmith.  McComas established his gun shop business on July 1843 at 51 South Calvert Street, Baltimore and later moved the shop to 22 South Calvert Street (1884 - 1889). Early on McComas made muzzle-loading shotguns and later breech-loading shotguns of all gauges, the largest being a 4 gauge. The barrels of this gun read "Alexander McComas 51 S Calvert St. Baltimore", and the locks are stamped with McComas' name as well. 

The gun is in very good condition. The stock is sound with no major cracks, and the butt stock features some beautiful figure.

The lock both work reliably and hold on full and half cock. Both hammers match; indicating that they've not been replaced.

The barrels are very good no dents and fair bores with no major pitting. 

This gun is a must for any collector of American-made shotguns; a fine example of American shotgun craftsmanship. 

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