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Beautiful Lehigh Style Flintlock Long Rifle

Beautiful Lehigh Style Flintlock Long Rifle
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This beautiful long rifle was custom built by a Mr. "H. Wright". It features beautiful, Lehigh Valley-style relief carving and a highly figured maple stock.

The stock was very nicely shaped, and was decorated with tasteful relief carving; which is not only correct for the time period and style of the rifle, but also very cleanly executed. There is a handsome "tear-drop" silver thumb piece in the wrist. There are no cracks or splits anywhere and no damage to speak of. 

The lock is one of Jim Chamber's famous "Siler" locks. These locks are generally considered to be the highest quality flintlock on the market today; both in terms of reliability and historical accuracy. The cock holds solid on both full and half cock, and the frizzen sends a blinding shower of sparks flying with every pull of the trigger. 

The barrel is lightly swamped and made by Colerain. The bore is .50 caliber and the period correct, round bottom rifling is crisp with no rust or pitting. 

The brass furniture is nicely polished and appropriate for a Lehigh gun. 

This rifle would be a great choice for any skirmisher or reenactor. This beautifully decorated custom piece can be yours all for a price that is comparable to many of Pedersoli's flintlocks.

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