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Brazillian "Light Minie" Rifle - Relined Bore

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The "Brazillian Light Minie Rifle" was so nicknamed by collectors after a rumor that these Belgian-made, Enfield-style short rifles were originally built for the Brazillian military, but were sold to US purchasing agents before they could be delivered to South America. While there has never been any documentation to back up this claim, the name stuck; and collectors have been referring to these attractive rifles as "Brazillian Light Minies" for decades. 

One thing that is very well documented is the fact that there were roughly 5,800 Light Minies purchased by the Federal Government in 1862.

The Brazillian Ligth Minies saw a lot of heavy service during the war. A Light Minie with a damaged muzzle can even be spotted in the background of Matthew Brady's famous photo, "Petersburg Dead" 

This particular Light Minie is in great shape and was restored and previously owned by the well known gun builder Brian Haack. It is all original with the exception of a reproduction nipple, forestock and ramrod. It was originally built by OP Drissen of Liege Belgium and his "Anchor" stamp can be found on the lock plate, hammer, barrel and bands. The Lock is in great shape and the hammer holds solid on both full and half cock. The barrel was relined by Bob Hoyt and the rifling is excellent with no rust or pitting; making this rifle a great candidate for skirmishing or reenacting.

The stock is in great shape with no cracks or rotten spots. The forestock was "stretched" back out to its original length via the addition of new wood spliced just behind the rear barrel band. This joint was affixed with modern epoxy and is very sturdy with no risk of separation. The Light Minie rifle is approved for N-SSA competition.  

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