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Cased Colt 3rd Gen M1860

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Here's a great collector's item. This limited run of correctly marked, correctly finished Colt revolvers were assembled in U.S. By Colt in the 1990's. They have all the correct markings and finishes that original Colt Revolvers had. This .44 caliber Colt "Signature Series" M1860 Army Model is in excellent condition. Its is lightly used, but all its finishes are in fantastic shape with only a few minor handling marks, and a small modification to the hammer rear sight notch for shooting at close range (see photos). These revolvers differ from other reproductions on the market in that they were finished by Colt and feature all the proper roll stamps and finishes like bone charcoal color case hardening on the frame, hammer and loading lever. Colt discontinued these guns shortly after they were released as they were only intended to be a limited run collector's item so the opportunity to own a correctly marked Colt Revolver is becoming increasingly rare! As an added bonus, this pistol comes in a fitted case from the Colt Custom Shop and includes all of the correct, Colt accessories. The accessories include a Colt-marked nipple wrench/screw driver, a steel bullet mold, and two original 19th Century cap tins. 

These Colt Signature pistols are rare by themselves, and cased models with all of the original Colt-produced accessories are becoming nearly impossible to find. This set would be a great addition to any reenactor or shooter's collection.

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