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Colt M1861 "Special" Musket

 David Stavlo built this M1861 Colt Special began life as a "Signature Series" musket licensed by Colt. David removed the serial number from the breech and re-shaped the bolster to make it more correct (original Colts had large, oblong bolsters). 

The stock was then completely overhauled and reworked. The signature series Colts originally had a thick layer of varnish on the stock. David stripped the plastic finish off before reshaping and recontouring the lock panels to even them out and correct their proportions. The stock was then stained and antiqued before several coats of oil were hand rubbed into the wood to seal it and protect it from the elements.

The most glaring inaccuracy of the Signature Series Colt muskets is their oddly shaped hammers that look nothing like their original counterparts. David solved this problem by installing an original hammer on the lock. This small detail speaks volumes in adding to the musket's overall authenticity. David finished the work by lightly patining the lock barrel and furniture to give the musket a "campaigned-with" look. The light patining also has the added benefit of being a rust preventative; meaning that thick, scaly rust won't develop as quickly when using this musket in the rain or high humidity. 

David completed this Colt by re-assembling it and stamping the stock with an inspector's cartouche. The resulting musket is a real thing of beauty and is sure to be both a great shooter and a reliable musket for the reenactor or living historian. 

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