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Confederate 1863 Richmond Musket

This handsome 1863 Richmond musket was custom-built by David Stavlo. This museum quality piece is a true recreation of the famous Confederate musket; and features all correct finishes and markings. 

 The stock was carved from straight grained American Walnut. David hand fit each component to the stock to make sure the fit was similar to what's found on original muskets that were made with precision machinery. He then continued to the stock shaping - his specialty. After studying countless original muskets, David shaped the stock to near perfect dimensions. The butt stock gently narrows down to the wrist, which continues in a straight line before terminating in a round plateau that contains the barrel tang. The lock moldings are exactly the same size on either side of the stock and their dimensions are identical to the originals. The forestock "swells" ever so slightly before each barrel band and the the top of the the barrel channel is angled slightly just like the originals. These details are small, but these are things that separate this musket from a cobbled-together skirmish gun. The stock was burnished like the originals before being finished with linseed oil. The stock remains unmarked without any inspector's cartouches; as is correct for a 1863 dated Richmond.

The lock plate was made by Rich Cross, and the "hump" was re-profiled by David to be more historically accurate. The internal lock components are original. The hammer is one of our Richmond hammer castings that David finished and mounted to the lock. The barrel was made by Harmon-Large in 2006 and is unfired.  David re-profiled the breech flats of the barrel to be the correct dimensions of originals before mounting a set correct Richmond sights. The barrel was then stamped with an "1863" date to match the lock and a correct Harper's Ferry "VP and Eagle" was also applied to the breech. These stamps were made from markings taken off an original Richmond barrel and are perfect copies.

The barrel bands, band springs, and trigger guard are original pieces that David restored back to "armory bright" finish. The nose cap and butt plate were castings that were finished and then modified to be more accurate copies originals.

The finished piece is a work of art. We consider it to be as close a copy of an original Richmond as possible. The dimensions of both the metal and wood components are near perfect. And the fit and finish is simple excellent. This weapon is sure to be a prized possession of any collector.

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