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Custom 1620's English Match Lock - SOLD

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Center fire, rim fire, cap lock, flintlock, and.....matchlock! You've probably owned and/or fired a firearm from each of these first four categories, but most have never even handled, much less fired, a weapon from the last category-the crude but elegant match lock. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Steve Krolick, we are pleased to offer this completely hand-made and historically accurate English Match Lock Musket. 

Steve built this monster musket to reflect the style of original English muskets from the early 17th Century. Match Locks like these would have been common place around Plymouth Plantation as some of the wealthier Pilgrims purchased arms from gunsmiths before sailing from Europe in 1620. 

Steve built this matchlock completely by hand, and we do mean completely. The lock and all its components were filed and sawn from chunks of steel using the same methods as original gunsmiths. The stock was made from a blank, that's right, Steve hand shaped this beautiful beech wood stock from a block of wood completely by hand. Steve also made the butt plate, tiller, ramrod and ramrod thimbler all from scratch. The only component of this musket that wasn't built by Steve is the .62 caliber smoothbore from Colerain.

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