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Custom Colt-Marked Martial M1851 Navy

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We were recently offered a large lot of Colt Second and Third Generation black powder revolver parts which have allowed us to bring you this newest offering from our custom shop. This Martially-marked Colt M1851 "Army" Navy was recently built by David Stavlo. It features a combination of Colt parts and Uberti parts which allowed us to build the first correct military issue Colt-marked reproduction pistol ever produced. 

Because the receiver was made by Colt, we were able to use our Colt roll dies, which are normally reserved for restoration work, to add ALL the correct markings to the gun without infringing on Colt's trademarks. The frame features a correctly sized "Colt's Patent" stamp as well as a proper "US" stamp which is found on guns built for the Union Army during the Civil War. Colt-style serial numbers are stamped on all the principle components. The proper "New York Address", which is found on all Colts made during the Civil War, was applied to the barrel. The cylinder was roll engraved with a die that was hand cut by master engraver Horatio Acevado. Military subinspector's stamps are found on the cylinder, back strap, and trigger guard just like the originals.  All of our dies were made with smokes taken directly off of original guns which allows the sizes and fonts to be absolutely perfect. The markings on this gun are even more correct than the Colt produced Second and Third Generation revolvers, as the stamps that colt made for their reproduction black powder revolvers varied slightly from those found on originals from the 19th Century.

All the components were also hand polished - that's right no buffing wheels were used in the finishing of this piece. The barrel and cylinder were then blued and the loading lever, frame, and hammer were bone charcoal color case hardened just like the original guns.

A correct brass back strap and round trigger guard were fit up to the frame. Walnut grips were mounted up and stamped with correct early war Colt 1851 Navy cartouches.

The finished pistol is a perfect replica of a military-issued Colt M1851. Correctly-marked military Navies have never been replicated. Every detail has been accounted for, right down to the subinspector marks. You will not find another pistol with all correct markings AND finishes anywhere else on the market. This pistol is unfired and should make for an excellent shooter and would be perfect for living history.

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