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Custom English Civil War Flintlock Cavalry Carbine - SOLD

Custom English Civil War Flintlock Cavalry Carbine - SOLD
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This custom carbine was built almost entirely from scratch by our good friend Steve Krolick. It is a copy of the original flintlock carbines used by the English and the Dutch during the mid 17th Century

Steve began by turning a .56 caliber smoothbore barrel on his lathe. He designed the barrel to feature two "wedding bands" near the breech and a gradual flare at the muzzle. Steve copied the barrel from photos of original weapons. 

The work continued with the lock. Steve designed the lock plate to have a round "belly" just like many originals from the period. These distinctive locks were an evolution of the wheellock designs from the earlier part of the 17th Century. This lock was built almost entirely by hand. The only components of the lock that Steve didn't build himself were the internal parts. Steve opted to utilize parts from a Jim Chamber's "Siler" lock so that replacement parts could be easily obtained by the weapon's future owner. The finished lock is amazingly reliable - a white hot shower of sparks is injected right into the pan with every pull of the trigger.

Once the lock and barrel were finished, Steve mounted them up to a custom walnut stock that he carved from a blank. The design of the stock is distinct to the mid-17th Century and the unique curve of the buttstock makes for a muskets that points very naturally and is remarkably comfortable to shoot. 

The furniture was also made by Steve and is appropriate to the period. The project was completed with the addition of a saddle ring in the belly of the butt stock - a perfect accessory for a cavalryman. 

This carbine is truly one of a kind. Steve's workmanship is second to none. And it's sure to shoot just as good as it looks!

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