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Custom Flint Shotgun

Your Price: $400.00
Part Number: MM51819C
Availability: In Stock
This one is sure to turn heads at the skeet range. 

This custom flint lock shotgun is a blending of old and new. It was built for competition in the Open class shotgun division of the NMLRA. It features a custom walnut stock in good condition. A flintlock was neatly inletted into the stock and holds solid on both full and half cock. 

The custom 12 gauge barrel features a ventilated rib and double bead. The bore is very good with no pitting and only some minor surface rust. There are two clamps that help secure the rib to the barrel. They are engraved with the name "John Becker" and "1976, 1776"

After you get over its unusual looks, you'll be surprised by how light weight and hand it is. This shotgun should be right at home at the range or the duck pond.

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