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Custom Handgonne - History's First Firearm

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You may fancy yourself a student of firearm history; you may own flintlock, you may even own a matchlock. Perhaps you even own a wheellock, but do you have a Handgonne? 

The handgonne, or "hand cannon" is quite literally the first firearm. Developed in the 14th Century, it is a simple barrel attached to a pole-stock. It was fired either "from the hip" or by a two man team in which one man held the weapon steady on his shoulder while the other fired.

The style and caliber of original Handgonnes varied. This particular piece was copied from an original French Handgonne. It was machined out of a solid piece of steel, just like the originals. It is bored to .75 caliber

It is brand new and unfired. Unlike other reproduction Handgonnes, this piece is finished and ready to shoot. The touch hole is drilled and the barrel was left "armory bright" like many originals. The barrel is mounted to a hand-carved, octagonal oak shaft. 

These things are an absolute blast at the shooting range; and we can all but guarantee you'll be the only one at your local shooting club who owns a "hand cannon".  

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