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Custom Late 15th Century "Snapping Matchlock"

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The "Snapping Matchlock" was Europe's first attempt at what might be considered a "modern firearm" by today's standards. That is to say, these crude muskets were the first guns that could be fired at the push of a trigger (or button), rather than having to be lit by a separate lever or "linstock" held separately in the shooter's other hand. These guns featured spring loaded serpentines that could be locked into a "cocked" position; ready to fire the musket with the simple twitch of the shooters finger, without ever having to remove oneself from the weapons sights. This allowed for more accurate shooting and the beginning of the concept of "marksmanship" as we know it today. 

This particular piece is brand new and entirely custom built by medieval weapons expert Steve Krolick. Steve hand made every single component of this musket (with the exception of the .45 caliber rifled barrel). Steve copied this piece from surviving examples made in what is now present day Germany and France. 

The stock is walnut. Both the stock and the barrel were painted black; a feature found on many original guns from the period which seems to be an early attempt at rust prevention. 

The barrel features a sight of early sights, and the bore is excellent with no rust or pitting. 

The lock was completely made from scratch by Steve. It is operated by pulling the serpentine to full cock and installing a piece of lit slow match its jaws. The lock is fired using the button mounted on the tail of the lock plate. 

This unique musket is sure to turn heads at any firing range, reenactment or imperialistic conquest!

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