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Custom M1861 Whitney "Flush Plate" Rifle

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Here's a totally custom built copy of an extremely rare rifle which is sure to be the delight of any reenactor or skirmisher. This Whitneyville rifle was built by the well known building by "Hacck & Vikar" (Brian Haack and Gerhardt Vikar); and it served as Brian Haack's person skirmish rifle for several years. It is a copy of the "M1861 Flush Lock Militia Musket" made by Whitney as one of the firm's infamous "Good and Serviceable" muskets. These nonpattern arms were marketed by Whitney to state militias as being "Good and Serviceable" for field use but not gauged by military inspectors; therefore being unfit for sale to the Federal Government. The Whitney Flush plate rifle was made in a full length, or three band, configuration and a "artillery model", or two band configuration. This particular musket is an artillery model making it ideal for skirmishing. 

This rifle was made from all custom parts. The lock plate was made by the late Brian Haack and was set up to accept original and reproduction M1861 Springfield parts. The hammer was cast by Nick Brevoort and is a perfect copy of the originals. The barrel was made by Bob Hoyt and features a historically accurate Whitney "direct vent" bolster and correct Whitney proof marks. The stock was made by Dunlap Woodcrafts and is cut from American Walnut. 

The lock holds solid on both half and full cock and features a nice crisp action. The barrel is in great shape inside and out with no rust or pitting and features a Rich Cross machined rear sight and "tall shooter" front sight. 

The stock was beautifully shaped and finished and features only a few minor handling marks. The furniture is in great shape and fully functional. 

This rare custom gun is sure to turn some heads at your next event, and it's excellent barrel should make it a great shooter as well!

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