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Excellent M1859 Sharps Rifle

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Here is an excellent, all original, example of the Civil War's most popular and well known breech loaders. This M1859 Sharps Rifle is in beautiful shape. It's serial number reveals its date of manufacture to be 1861 - the same year the war began; meaning its very likely that this rifle saw more than its fair share of combat as Sharps rifles were very well liked and in very high demand. 

Judging by the rifle's condition, it is clear that this Sharps was very well taken care of. The lock plate retains very crisp markings; as does the receiver. There are some traces of color case hardening visible in the protected areas. The hammer holds solid on both full and half cock. 

The breech block locks ups nice and tight with no wobble or damage. 

The barrel is full length and still sports most of its original blued finish. Both the front and rear sights are intact and unmodified.

The bore is good with strong rifling and some scattered pitting at the breech; which is typical of most black powder breechloaders. 

The stocks are in excellent shape. All edges are nice and crisp and there is no damage to speak of. The butt stock cartouches are very legible. 

The furniture is all original and matching. Both swivels are intact and undamaged; a rarity for most Sharps rifle.s

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