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First Generation Parker Hale P1858 Naval Rifle

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This first generation Parker Hale P1858 Enfield Rifle is in excellent condition. This musket was made in the 1970's by Parker Hale of Birmingham, England. These English-made reproductions are renowned for their match-grade progressive-depth barrels that were made with the original machinery used to made Enfield muskets in the 1860's. The First Generation Parker Hale replica Enfields are considered to be the finest mass-produced reproduction musket ever made.

The lock is in good shape with beautiful color case hardening and no rust or pitting. The lock holds solid on both full and half cock and the action is beautifully smooth. The stock is in great shape with a few minor handling marks and no cracks or chips. The bore is excellent with very good rifling no rust or pitting and nice sharp rifling.

Included with this musket is a period correct nipple protector.

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