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First Model Dance Brothers Navy Revolver

Steve Krolick's prowess with revolvers is impressive to say the least, and this First Model Dance Revolver only boosts his reputation as a top-notch pistolsmith even further. This custom Dance Brother's pistol is the result of many hours of research and labor. Nearly every square inch of this revolver has been fabricated to reflect one of the rarest Confederate pistols ever produced.

This pistol is an early Navy (.36) caliber model. It was copied from original guns pictured in the book Dance Brothers: Texas Gunmakers to the Confederacy. There are only a handful of original Dance pistols left and even fewer of the early Navy model. Steve began by cutting off the flash shield from a Colt style frame. He then re-contoured the frame to a taper exactly like the originals. He also turned the barrel round and gave it the correct taper before mounting on a front and rear sight-a unique feature seen on several original Dance pistols. 

Steve then turned his attention to the detail work. He started by re profiling the loading lever latch to the correct style. Then he moved on to the hammer; completely cutting, welding, filing and re-shaping it so that it no longer resembles the distinct hammers found on Colts and is now distinctly "Dance style". Steve also modified the wedge key to be "springless" another feature found on original CS revolvers. Steve discovered that many original Dance pistols left the arsenal with some decorative engraving. Steve replicated this on the back strap, butt, cylinder and rear sight dovetail on this revolver - a very attractive touch. He also engraved initials and the Regimental I.D. 4th Texas Volunteer Cavalry on the back strap to give the gun an added touch of realism. Serial numbers were then stamped in all of the appropriate places using appropriately styled and sized stamps. Finally, Steve finished this fine pistol by re-shaping and finishing the grips and patining the whole gun to give it the look of a gun that was "rode hard and put away wet.".

This is pistol is as close to the real thing as possible. This is not a re-worked Pietta Dance pistol, which aren't even remotely historically accurate, this is a custom built, meticulously copied Dance Bros revolver that you won't find anywhere else.

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