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First Model Virginia Manufactory Musket Converted to Percussion

This rare Confederate Conversion musket is literally one of a kind as it is the first reproduction Virginia Manufactory musket to hit the market anywhere. This fine musket was built by Steve Krolick  and is historically accurate right down to the finest detail. 

The original 1st model Virginia Manufactory Muskets were built from 1802 to 1809. They were completely hand built and as such several variations have been noted between muskets. This musket was built as a Confederate altered smoothbore.

 At the beginning of the war, the Richmond Armory had about 57,000 Virginia Muskets in storage. These muskets were issued to Confederate troops in both their original Flint configuration and in percussion conversions.  

This musket was built as a percussion conversion and is direct copy of the early alteration issued in the beginning of the war utilizing a drum conversion method. The conversion was done using original period methods; although the drum is both threaded and brazed to insure optimum strength. Like the originals, this musket, sports a 44" .69 caliber barrel. The bayonet lug is brazed on and also serves as a rather effective front sight.  Also like the originals, the barrel of this musket bears the markings of the Regiment it was originally issued to. In this case its the"97th Va. Regt. Shenandoah". These regimental stamps were found on the original muskets and were left on the barrels when converting them for the Confederacy.

The lock has been altered to percussion using period methods. The lock is stamped just like the originals-the tail is stamped "RICHMOND 1802" and the flat of the plate is marked "VIRGINIA MANUFACTORY". The lock has been tuned and the trigger pull is wonderfully crisp with no creep. 

The furniture was custom-built for this musket and is stamped with a matching assembler's number on all major parts-just like original muskets.  The two piece ramrod is threaded-not crimped together like Italian rods; insuring maximum strength and longevity. This musket also features screwed-on swivels; a later feature commonly found on many original Virginia Muskets.

The walnut stock was shaped by hand, just like the originals.  Steve had the opportunity to examine several original Virginia muskets while building this one and was able to copy the original contours and profiles almost identically. The stock features several stamps and markings. The first is a letter "W" this is a copy of the original inspector's stamp. A large letter "A" can also be found on the stock. This stands for "altered" and it is a copy of the original markings stamped on the stock by the Confederacy at the time of the conversion from flint to percussion. Also, found on the stock is the patriotic camp art "C.S." a feature found on many originals.

It is remarkably accurate with a load of 55 grains FFG powder with a .675 round ball and points very naturally. 

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