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Gallery - Previously Sold Custom-Built Firearms

We are pleased to offer both Custom and Semi-Custom reproduction firearms for museums, reenactors, historians, collectors, and Hollywood movies. Gunsmiths Steve Krolick and David Stavlo have built dozens of rare and one-of-a-kind reproduction weapons for us over the years. These guns are both built from scratch and modified Italian reproductions; depending on the needs, and budget, of the client. All of our builds are meticulously researched by studying books and original weapons to ensure that our custom guns are 100% historically accurate down to the finest detail.  Click the links below to see some of our past builds. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about commissioning us to build a custom firearm, give us a call at (262) 473-5444 or send us an email at [email protected]
1620's Dutch Match Lock
Mid 18th Century Club Butt Fowler Modified for Militia Usage
Pattern 1740 First Model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess
Revolutionary War Committee of Safety Musket
Philadelphia "Palmer" Committee of Safety Musket
First Model Virginia Manufactory Musket Converted to Percussion
First Model Virginia Manfufactory Rifle
Second Model Virginia Manufactory Musket
Turn-of-the-Century Flintlock Dueling Pistol
Confderate-Altered M1803 Harper's Ferry Rifle
CSA Shotgun W/ Socket Bayonet Alteration
M1842 Palmetto Musket
Rifled-and-Sighted Palmetto M1842 Musket
Confederate Montgomery Arsenal-Modified Harper's Ferry M1842
M1847 Springfield Musketoon
Hall Belly Pistol Copied from RT Huntington's Book HALL'S BREECHLOADERS
Tucker & Sherrard Dragoon Revolver
"Low Hammer Spur" Confederate Tucker & Sherrard Revolver
First Model Griswold & Gunnison Revolver
First Model Dance Brothers Navy Revolver
Colt "Prototype" Army Revolver Copied from William B. Edwards' THE STORY OF COLT'S REVOLVER
Custom Colt Second Generation 1851 Navy Martial Revolver
Confederate Read & Watson-Modified Hall Carbine
Fayetteville-Altered Confederate Hall Carbine
Athens Ga. Cook & Bros. Rifle
Confederate "M Rifle" Enfield
Re-Stocked Tipping & Lawden P1853 Enfield
RT Pritchett P1853 Enfield Musket
EP Bond Confederate Enfield Copied off an Original from the Blockade Runner GLADIATOR
London Armoury Confederate-Imported P1853 Enfield
P1856 Barnett Cavalry Carbine
Iron Mounted M1855 Harper's Ferry Rifle
M1861 Springfield
Wm. Muir M1861 Contract Musket
Confederate 1863 Richmond Musket
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