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Late 18th Century Military Jaeger Rifle

This beautiful Jaeger rifle was patterned after original military guns from the 1770's-1790's period making it appropriate for Revolutionary War through Napoleonic Era reenacting and living history impressions. Built by Steve Krolick, this .54 caliber rifle is in perfect shape inside and out. The bore is excellent with no rust or pitting and the barrel and lock have been lightly patined to simulate use on the campaign trail, making it more resistant to rust than a standard armory bright barrel-always a plus during rainy weekends in the field! The lock is strong and fast, sending a shower of sparks flying when the adjustable set trigger is pulled.

Typical military style features are present throughout the gun and include: a late period steel jaeger type trigger guard, a brass thumb plate for regimental engravings, a "beaver tail" moulding behind the tang, flared ramrod pipes, a steel ramrod, a flat set trigger and simple "folk art" type scrolls carved around the cheek piece typical of original late 18th century Jaegers. All of these features are specific to military guns, setting this particular piece apart from other Italian reproduced jaegers, which are influenced by civilian style long rifles. 

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