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M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle

M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle (Euroarms, Pedersoli, Zoli, etc)

Remove visible Italian Markings and relocate the Serial number to thebottom of the barrel. Polish to Armory Bright and Apply VP and Eagle Stamps. $40.00
David draw files off the Italian markings and serial number from the barrel and re-stamps the serial number out-of-sight.  He then removes the browning and color case hardening from the barrel and lock and polishes them both to Armory bright. This is the most historically accurate finish as the browning found on the stock M1841 reproduction rifles is a spray-on finish and not remotely correct. Also, many Civil War-used M1841 were polished to Armory Bright before being issued because they had been sitting in storage for over a decade by the time the war broke out and often had to be cleaned up before use. Armory bright finishes are also appropriate for most of the 58 caliber M1841's (with the exception of the larger firms like Harper's Ferry) as original records indicate that polishing the barrels and locks was standard practice by many of the smaller firms who re-bored the guns. When we're finished, you can't tell the markings were ever there. We finish this work by stamping the proper "VP" and Eagle head proof marks on the breech.

A standard m1841 barrel direct from the factory. Historically inaccurate maker's
marks are very present on the top of the barrel along with a historically inaccurate
sprayed-on browning
A defarbed m1841 barrel-the maker's mark is removed and the whole barrel is
polished to the correct "Armory Bright" satin luster.
Here's a standard m1841 Armisport barrel-the serial number and Italian Proof Marks
are very visible

Here's the Defarbed barrel: the serial number was relocated and the proofmarks were removed before the proper VP and Eagle Head proof marks are applied

Defarb Lock with Proper Stamps and Faux Main Spring Screw. $85.00

There are currently no reproduction M1841 rifles available that feature period correct lock markings. We remedy this by planing all the factory markings from the lock plate and restamping it with our Robbins and Lawrence contract stamps. Robbins and Lawrence was the only private arsenal to receive a contract from the Federal Government to produce M1841 rifles. Our stamps were made from "smokes" taken directly off of an original lock plate meaning that the size and font of the lettering is absolutely perfect. We then re-bevel the edges of the lock plate to the proper width. We finish the lock plate work by adding a faux main spring screw to the lock plate. This screw is found on original locks and for some reason was not replicated on any of the reproductions. We finish the stamping work by adding a proper  "1850" date on the tang of the barrel.
An improperly marked Euroarms M1841 lock plate.Here's the same lock plate after defarbing. It now features period correct Robbins and Lawrence contract stamps.
A standard Euroarms M1841 without a main spring screw..A faux main spring screw has been threaded and installed. The lock plate is no exactly like an original. 

Proper 1850 date stamp added to tang

Stamp Inspector's Cartouches on Lock Panel. 
Original m1841 rifles were inspected and cartouched. We replicated these inspector's stamps using rubbings taken from original guns. This ensures that our stamps are the perfect size and font. 
Lock panel stamped with correct cartouches
Change swivel pins to correct style. $40.00

Nearly all the reproduction M1841's feature swivels that are screwed together. Originals were pinned using a taper pin. We replace these screws with historically correct taper pins which are installed and filed flush with the swivel; just like the originals.
Euroarms M1841 factory swivel pins. These screws are not period-correct.Corrected swivel pins: We ream the swivels out to a taper and tap in a correct taper pin. We then cut the excess off and file flush; allowing for a seamless, correct finish
Recontour, Restain and Refinish Stock. $160.00
All of the reproduction M1841's, regardless of when they were made, have stock dimensions that need a lot reshaping and reworking to resemble the graceful lines of original stocks We start with the wrist and butt stock. We reshape the rectangular wrist to be round - like originals. This not only looks much better but feels much better as well. We also reshape the comb area of the stock to original dimensions. We spend a lot of time on the lock panels. We "crisp-up" the lines around the lock and side panel to make the stand out like an original gun that just rolled out of the arsenal. We completely reshape the lock panel to make it correct. Finally we shave down the forend to the correct dimensions. We restain the stock with a dark walnut stain to hide the contrasting color of the Italian walnut stock and make it more closely resemble American walnut. Finally we protect and seal the stock with several coats of linseed oil-the same finish found on original guns.
The wrist of this Euroarms M1841 is rectangular and the transition from the wrist to butt stock is all wrong.We file the wrist and tang area down in order to make them round like original m1841s. This makes the stock's lines "flow" a lot better and it also make it feel much different!
Reproduction m1841 lock panels are uneven and too thick. They're also fairly muted and poorly defined.We reshape and redefined the lock panels to make them sharp and consistent all the way around.
Before: The left side lock panel is in correctly shaped and poorly definedAfter: The defarbed lock panel is reshaped and crisp - just like an original
Before: After: 
Before: The stock colors are streaky and uneven.After: The stock color is more even and a linseed oil finish has been applied.

Optional: Convert Rifle's Sight and Bayonet Lug Configuration in Accordance With the N-SSA's Small Arms Committee: $Call for Pricing

There were several firms who "updated" the M1841 rifle for use during the Civil War. Most of these alterations involved reboring the rifles to .58 caliber, but some of these companies also made other cosmetic changes to the rifles, including the addition of better sights and bayonet lugs. We have all the components to replicate the alterations done by each of these arsenals. From Harper's Ferry long range sights, to clamp-on Bayonet rings, we can alter your M1841 in accordance with the N-SSA SAC guidelines, making it perfectly "legal" for N-SSA skirmishing. The price varies based on which "type" of alteration you choose, so give us a call to discus specific details.

We can defarb new guns or old guns. You can pick and choose which options you'd like done, or you can have them all done! Please call us at (262) 473-5444 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

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