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M1842 Springfield

Armisport 1842 Smoothbore/Rifle

Remove visible Italian Markings and relocate the Serial number to thebottom of the barrel. Polish to Armory Bright. $35.00
We draw file off the Italian markings and serial number from the barrel and re-stamp the serial number out-of-sight.  We then polish the area back to an Armory Bright luster. When we're finished, you can't tell the markings were ever there.
A standard m1842 barrel direct from the factory. Historically inaccurate maker's marks are very present on the top of the barrel.A defarbed m1842 barrel-the maker's mark is removed and the whole barrel is polished to the correct "Armory Bright" satin luster.
Here's a standard m1842 Armisport barrel-the serial number and Italian Proof Marks are very visible

Here's the Defarbed barrel: the serial number was relocated and the proofmarks were removed

Replace steel front sight with correct brass sight (Smoothbore), or correct steel sight (Rifled). $50.00

Original 1842 smoothbores had brass front sights mounted on the front band. The rifled conversions had higher steel sights soldered onto there nosecaps. We grind off the cast-on sight on the Armisport front band and replace it with a custom filed and shaped brass sight, or rifled sight, depending on whether or not the barrel is rifled. Both sights are perfect copies of the originals.
Armisport m1842 nosecap as it comes from the factory-all correct except for the steel sight.Defarbed nosecap with corrected brass front sight.
Both the smoothbore and the rifled M1842s come with the same nosecap. Neither one has the correct sight.Defarfed Rifled nosecap with correct front sight.
Stamp ESA (Springfield) or JAS (Harper's Ferry) Cartouche on Lock Panel. $10.00
Original m1842 Springfields were inspected and cartouched, primarily by Erskine S. Allin at Springfield or James A. Schaeffer at Harper's Ferry. We can recreate these distinctive "ESA" and "JAS" stamps thanks to a complete set of musket cartouche stamps made for us by Larry Stevens. Larry stamps are all exact copies of original stamps which he copied from rubbings taken off of original guns
Lock panel stamped with correct ESA Springfield cartoucheLock panel stamped with correct JAS Harper's Ferry cartouche
Change swivel pins to correct style. $35.00

Armisport m1842 Springfields feature swivels that are loosely pinned together. These pins are easily lost and they're not the correct style. We replace these pins with historically correct taper pins which are installed and filed flush with the swivel; just like the originals.
M1842 Armisport factory swivel pins. These pins are not period-correct; not to mention their tendency to work themselves loose and fall out.Corrected swivel pins: We ream the swivels out to a taper and tap in a correct taper pin. We then cut the excess off and file flush; allowing for a seamless, correct finish
Recontour, Restain and Refinish Stock. $140.00
Armisport m1842 stock dimensions need a little reshaping and reworking to resemble the graceful lines of original stocks We start with the wrist and butt stock. We reshape the rectangular wrist to be round-like originals. This not only looks much better but feels much better as well. We also reshape the comb area of the stock to original dimensions. We spend a lot of time on the lock panels. We "crisp-up" the lines around the lock and side panel to make the stand out like an original gun that just rolled out of the arsenal. We completely reshape the lock panel to make it correct. Finally we shave down the forend to the correct dimensions. We restain the stock with a dark walnut stain to hide the contrasting color of the Italian walnut stock and make it more closely resemble American walnut. Finally we protect and seal the stock with several coats of linseed oil-the same finish found on original guns.
The wrist of the Armisport 1842 is thick and flat sided. This is especially evident on older ArmisportsWe sand the wrist and tang area down in order to make them round like original m1842s. This makes the stock's lines "flow" a lot better and it also make it feel much different!
Armisport m1842 lock panels are rounded and and not uniform-they're just not very well defined.We reshape and redefined the lock panels to make them sharp and consistent all the way around.
The lock panels of Armisport m1842's are shaped very differently than that of original guns.Here's the corrected lock panel-completely reshaped and crisp.
The musket on the top is a stock Armisport m1842. The contrasting "streaky" colors
of its Italian walnut stock are very obvious. The musket on the bottom has been
defarbed with a correct American walnut stain and linseed oil finish

Optional: Stamp Lock Plate and Barrel with Harper's Ferry Markings: $85.00

Harper's Ferry just doesn't get enough representation an the modern Civil War battlefield. That's why we had a set of dies made to perfectly replicate the markings found on both the lock plates and the barrels of the Harper's Ferry-made M1842. We call this an optional service, because it isn't required to make your gun historically accurate (there were plenty of original Springfields issued during the War). But if you want something a little different; or if you're just a fan of America's Southern Arsenal, this option is a good route to take. 
We file of the Springfield markings from the tail of the lock plate and restamp it with our Harper's Ferry dies. We then re-cut the beveled edge around the lock plate to make sure it's the correct width. We then remove the "1847" date from the tang and stamp it with a correctly sized "1849" stamp to match the lock. Finally we stamp the barrel with Harper's Ferry's "PB/B" subinspector's stamp.

Lock plate stamped "HARPERS FERRY 1849"  - an exact copy of the originalsBarrel tang stamped with correctly sized "1849" to match the lock.

Original Harper's Ferry "PB/B" subinspector's stamp. 

We can defarb new guns or old guns. You can pick and choose which options you'd like done, or you can have them all done! Please call us at (262) 473-5444 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

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