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M1854 Austrian Lorenz Jaeger-SOLD!

M1854 Austrian Lorenz Jaeger-SOLD!
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The M1854 Austrian Lorenz Jaeger rifle bears a lot of similarities with the M1854 Lorenz Infantry rifle; however the Jaeger rifle was reserved for sharpshooters.  Bored to .54 caliber, like the Lorenz, the Jaeger sported a shorter 28? barrel and a rear sight graduated from 400-1000 yards. Additionally, the Jaeger had no provision for ramrod. Instead a separate loading rod was carried in a scabbard attached to the cartridge box. The barrel was also secured to the stock via wedge keys; rather than barrel bands. The Austrian army issued these to jaeger (rifle) units that were employed as light infantry, skirmishers, and spread out over the army in battle to pick off officers and other high-value targets like artillery crews.

This particular Jaeger is in excellent condition. It remains in it's unmodified "Imperial" configuration as it was no drilled for a ramrod. Most of the the M1854 Jaegers imported to North America during the War had ramrod channels drilled into their stocks, making unmodified guns a rarity. 

The lock holds solid on both full and half cock and the original 1835 date stamp can be found on the lock plate. 

The stock is very nice with a few minor handling marks, but no chips or cracks. 

The barrel is full length with no external pitting. Both front and rear sights are intact and unmodified (another rarity, as many existing examples are missing their sliding sight leaf). 

The bore is good with no major pitting and some evenly distributed surface rust. A brass brush and some elbow grease should take care of this rust, and their doesn't appear to be any areas of major pitting. The rifling is deep. With a little work, this barrel would make for a fine shooter!

The furniture is all original and matching.

This musket would make for a fine shooter. The M1854 is also N-SSA approved; meaning this handing little rifle would make for a fine skirmish-weapon.

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