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M1854 Austrian Lorenz

Your Price: $1,295.00
Availability: In Stock
Here's a great, all original Austrian Lorenz with a lot of life left in it. This rifle would be a great choice for a reenactor.

The stock is in good shape and very sound, with nor major splits or cracks and no burn-out behind the hammer. 

The lock has a great patina and the hammer holds solid on both full and half cock. The barrel is full length and features an original long range rear sight. The front sight is intact and unmodified. The bore is good with strong rifling and some minor pitting. The nipple is a reproduction.

The furniture is all original and matching; including the ramrod, which is full length.

This rifle would be an obvious choice for a reenactor or living history buff, all for a price that comparable to a Pedersoli reproduction. 

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