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M1860 Spencer Carbine - SOLD

Your Price: $1,795.00
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Here's a great model 1860 Spencer carbine. This Spencer has a great used, but never abused look. The metal has a smooth patina with no rust or pitting The stocks are in excellent shape with only minor handling marks and no chips or splits.

The magazine tube is original and in good condition and can be removed from the butt stock easily. The spring is present and functional. The lock is in excellent condition with a wonderfully smooth action which holds solid on both full and half cock. The action of the breech block is smooth and positive with all parts present and accounted for with no rust, pitting or damage. All the manufacturer's stamps and markings are present and legible.

The 7 groove bore is good with strong rifling and some light frosting in some areas. . Externally, the barrel has a great patina with no rust or pitting. The rear sight is intact and in great shape. The front sight is original and unmodified. 

 This is a great example of America's first repeater priced modestly to be attractive to any collector.

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