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M1861 Colt Special

Colt Signature Series/Amoskeag M1861 Special

Remove visible Italian markings and relocate the serial number to the bottom of the barrelRe-polish to armory bright. $30.00
David draw files the Italian markings and serial number from the barrel and he re-stamps the serial number out-of-sight.  He then polishes the area back to an Armory Bright luster. When he's finished, you can't tell the markings were ever there. 
Here's a brand-new Colt Signature Series M1861 Special. The serial number and proof marks are very noticeableHere's the same gun after being defarbed. The serial number has been removed and relocated.

Stamp the correct cartouches on lock panel. $10.00
Original Model 1861 muskets had inspector's stamps on the lock panel. Our inspector's stamps are all copied from rubbings taken off of original guns.
Correct sub-inspector's cartouches stamped on the lock panel 

Change Swivel pins to correct style. $15.00

Reproduction M1861 Special triggerguard swivels are loosely pinned together. These pins are easily lost and they're not the correct style. David replaces these pins with historically correct taper pins which are installed and filed flush with the swivel; just like the originals.
Signature Series M1861 swivels are pinned together with the pin protruding on either side of the swivelOriginal swivels were installed using taper pins that were filed flush with the swivel, making a nearly seamless finish. 

Remove Sam Colt Signature from trigger bow. $25.00

Obviously, original Colt Special Muskets didn't leave the arsenal with a giant Sam Colt signature stamped into their trigger bows. David carefully files away the signature while making sure to maintain the original curvature of the trigger bow. He then re-polishes the area so you can't even tell the signature was ever there.

The Sam Colt signature on the signature series is obviously not a feature found on originals.Now the signature has been removed and the area has been re-polished. You can't even tell it was ever there.

Replace Hammer With Original. $35.00 

The hammers of the reproduction M1861 Special reproductions are utter garbage. They're not the correct shape or size and they're poorly polished. David replaces the stock hammer with an original M1861 Special hammer. This not only dramatically increases the look of the lock but gives the musket a much more authentic profile overall.
Stock hammer on M1861 Colt Signature series.Replaced original hammer.

Recontour, Restain and Refinish Stock. $150.00

The stock contours of original M1861 Special muskets are very specific; and very different from the M1861 Springfield. It's long butt, short wrist and shallow, but defined lock panels are all unique to this model. Unfortunately, none of these stock features are replicated very well by the Italians and reproduction M1861 Special stocks benefit greatly from a re-work. David's skill as a woodworker really shines here. He starts with the lock panels - carefully re-cutting them and evening them out while paying special attention to their depth in order to avoid cutting them too deep. He also trues-up the dimensions of the wrist and butt stock and "rounds off" the forestock to give it the look and feel of originals. The stock is then sanded and stained to better match the color of original American Walnut stocks.  Finally, David seals and protects the wood with several coats of linseed oil-the same finish used on original guns. The results are well worth the extra effort.
The lock panels on this Colt Signature Series M1861 are uneven and muted.
Here's the stock after defarbing. The lock panels were completely re-cut and "crisped-up" making for a much better profile

Before: Rounded
After: Defined

This defarbed stock was reshaped and restained to the correct color.

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