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M1861 Springfield

Armi Sport/Euroarms/Pedersoli M1861 Springfield

For a side-by-side comparison of how our Defarbed M1861 Springfield compares to an original M1861, Click: HERE

Remove visible Italian markings and relocate the serial number to the bottom of the barrel. Re-polish to Armory Bright. Stamp with VP and Eagle (if applicable). $35.00
David draw files the Italian markings and serial number from the barrel and he re-stamps the serial number out-of-sight.  He then polishes the area back to an Armory Bright luster. When he's finished, you can't tell the markings were ever there. He re-stamps the breech with historically accurate VP and Eagle proof marks. Our stamps are as close to original as possible.  Made by Larry Stevens from rubbings taken off of original barrels, our stamps are the best in business.
Here's a brand-new Armisport m1861. The serial number and proof marks are very noticeableHere's the same gun after being defarbed. The serial number has been removed and relocated and our VP and Eagle Stamps have been applied to the barrel.
The barrels on Armisport m1861s feature a very prominent makers stamp directly on the top of the barrelHere's the barrel after being defarbed. The maker's stamp is gone and the barrel was re-polished. You can't even tell it was there.
Stamp the correct cartouches on lock panel. $15.00
Original Model 1861 muskets had inspector's stamps on the lock panel. Larry Stevens has manufactured for us an exclusive set of inspector's stamps which he copied from rubbings taken off of original guns. The stamps will vary based on what kind of lock plate is installed in the musket. Springfield marked guns receive Erskin S. Allin and Henry J. Hill cartouches while contractor guns receive sub-inspector cartouches; just like they did originally.
Correct sub-inspector's cartouches stamped on the lock panel of this Watertown Contract defarb

Change Swivel pins to correct style. $35.00

Reproduction Springfields feature swivels that are loosely pinned together. These pins are easily lost and they're not the correct style. David replaces these pins with historically correct taper pins which are installed and filed flush with the swivel; just like the originals.
Armisport m1861 swivels are pinned together with the pin protruding on either side of the swivelOriginal swivels were installed using taper pins that were filed flush with the swivel, making a nearly seamless finish. This method was used to correct the swivels on this Armisport m1861. This is done to both front and rear swivels.

Replace lock plate with original Contract Lock Plate (Euroarms Only) $95.00-$150.00

Our large inventory of original parts means that we have a large selection of original lock plates that can be utilized to transform your Springfield into a contract musket. David can install an original lock plate in your Euroarms M1861 to transform it into nearly any contract musket imaginable from Watertown (pictured below), Bridesburg, Trenton, Muir, Mason, Savage, Norwich or Norfolk, we've got a huge selection of original lock plates in stock. Prices vary based on lock plate condition and rarity call us for more details!

An Original Watertown Lock Plate was Installed in this Euroarms M1861

Recontour, Restain and Refinish Stock. $160.00

Armisport and Euroarms 1861's are quality weapons, but unfortunately, the dimensions of both their stocks aren't even close to those of original guns. The work is started with the wrist area. David removes a lot of wood from the wrist and tang, reshaping it to the same graceful lines of original M1861 Springfields. He also reshapes the transition from the wrist to the comb to give it the same profile as original guns. He then moves on to the lock panels. David re-shapes and re-defines the lock panels to the correct shape; paying special attention in keeping them even on either side. This is especially noticeable on the panel opposite the lock, which is completely overhauled. He continues by shaping and contouring the rest of the stock. The stock is then sanded and stained to better match the color of original American Walnut stocks.  Finally, David seals and protects the wood with several coats of linseed oil-the same finish used on original guns. The results are well worth the extra effort.
Armisport and Euroarms m1861s are "Hunchbacked". The barrels are much thicker than the originals and the drop from the wrist to the comb is very drastic. This leaves a large hump behind the tang
Here's the stock after defarbing. A lot of wood was removed from the wrist and tang making the transition from tang to wrist much more graceful.
Reproduction m1861s have rounded combs. We can correct this.
Here's the corrected defarbed stock. The wrist was thinned down and the come was reshaped to correct proportions.
Reproduction m1861s have rounded lock panels that aren't correctly shaped
We redefine the lock panels and completely reshape them to the the original shape and dimensions of originals.
Before: Rounded
After: Defined
This defarbed stock was reshaped and restained to the correct color.

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