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M1863 Sharps Percussion Carbine

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Here's a handsome looking Sharps 50-70 Conversion carbine. This Sharps is one of the few surviving guns that was left in its original percussion configuration and not converted after the war like most M1863's. It's early serial number with no "C" prefix indicates this is a true Civil War piece, manufactured sometime in 1863.

This particular Sharps is in great shape. All original from top to bottom, the carbine shows some evidence of light cleaning; but all of the original stamps and markings remain crisp and legible. 

The lock functions flawlessly on both full and half cock. The lock plate stamps are all very crisp.

The block locks up nice and tight with no slop or play in the breech.

The barrel and bore are both in great shape. The rear sight is original and unmodified, although the slide is missing. The stamps on the barrel are still present and legible. The bore is good with strong rifling and some light scattered pitting.

The stocks are in beautiful shape with no cracks, chips, or dents. All the edges of both the butt stock and forend are nice and sharp.

All the hardware is original and matching no rust. No military rifle collection is complete without a Sharps and this carbine would be a great shooter and collector's item!

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