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M1864 Artillery Rifle W/ Numrich Barrel

Your Price: $995.00
Part Number: BW51819
Availability: In Stock
This M1864 Artillery rifle is ready for skirmishing or reenacting. It features mostly original parts, as well as a match grade Numrich barrel. 

The lock is dated 1864 and the markings are crisp and legible. The action of the hammer is smooth and crisp with a solid half and full cock. 

The buttstock is original with nice crisp edges. The last 5 inches of the forestock is a replacement piece that was neatly spliced just in front of the front barrel band spring. The two pieces match perfectly in both color and grain. 

The barrel was made by Numrich and features a good bore with excellent rifling. A set of high quality reproduction sights are mounted to the barrel. A tall shooter front sight is neatly dovetailed at muzzle to allow for some windage adjustment.

The furniture is all original with the exception of the ramrod.

Included with this rifle is a N-SSA SAC card, making the rifle "legal" for skirmishing.

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