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Muir Contract M1861
Muir Contract M1861

Muir Contract M1861

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Collector's of guns have undoubtedly heard the term "survivor" applied to a particular musket or carbine more than once. "Survivors" are those highly-coveted rifles that have somehow survived the tests of time without being broken, abused, or "restored" in anyway. These unmolested muskets are getting harder and harder to find in today's market; which is why we're so pleased to be able to offer this beautiful, untouched William Muir M1861. 

One doesn't even have to be an expert in Civil War muskets to see that this rifle-musket was definitely used; but obviously well cared for. Certainly, there are few muskets that show as much obvious war-use as this one- the stock shows evidence of being used hard, with none of the obvious signs of neglect that is encountered on most sporterized guns. The lock panels are still wonderfully crisp and the original finish on the stock has smoothed and darkened to a lovely patina. The remnants of the original inspector's cartouches can still be made out; and there are no cracks, chips or rotten spots. 

The lock is in excellent shape, with excellent markings and and nice solid half and full cock. The barrel is in good shape with a nice patina and matching 1863 tang date. The VP and EAGLE proof marks on the breech are also intact and in great shape. Both front and rear sights are in good condition and match the barrel. The bore is dark, as we have left this musket in its original, unaltered condition. However, the rifling is strong and should clean up very nicely if so desired.

The hardware is all original from top-to-bottom; right down to the nipple. The ramrod is full length and in good shape. 

This musket is the perfect representation of the most heavily-used musket during the Civil War, and would make for a great display in anyone's home.

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