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Original JP Moore "M Rifle"

Original JP Moore "M Rifle"
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The "M Rifle" Enfield Musket is one of the Civil War's better known rare guns. For decades, historians and arms collectors have been debating the origins of these "American Enfields" to determine who made them, but the consensus is that they were assembled by JP Moore in New York. This claim is supported both by the the unique "M Shield" engraved into the tail of the likely stood for "Moore"; and also by records made by the Board of Ordnance on June 10, 1862. In a report it was listed that there were "840 American rifles of a long Enfield pattern in inventory as being received by Moore". It is also known that Moore had some limited manufacturing capability. 

Regardless of whether or not these rifles were made by JP Moore, it has been well documented that these muskets were made in the US for use during the war. They feature American Walnut stocks and are usually built from a mixture of surplus British Enfield parts and domestically produced parts. The M Rifles follow the Enfield pattern but are generally considered to be a bit cruder than their English cousins.

This particular M Rifle is in great shape. All original from top to bottom, this musket is sure to be a great talking point in anybodies' collection.

The stock is in great shape with no major cracks; except for one small "drying crack" in the butt stock. However, the crack does no go all the way through the butt stock and is only visible on one side. It is very stable and only effects the stock cosmetically. 

The lock is in great shape with excellent markings and a crisp half and full cock. 

The barrel is full length with proper M Rifle markings. Both front and rear sights are original, but the sight slide is missing. The tang screw has been replaced with a domed bolt; another merely cosmetic issue. The bore is good with some scattered pitting and strong rifling. 

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