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Original M1851 Cadet W/ Relined Barrel & SAC Card!

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This original Cadet is in great condition and ready for some serious shooting. These rare muskets resemble the M1842 Springfield; except they are about 30% smaller featuring a .58 caliber smoothbore barrel and a fantastic balance. These muskets were originally given to cadets at military schools like West Point and are now highly sought be both collectors and shooters alike.

This particular musket is in great shape. It is all original with the exception of a reproduction nosecap, ramrod and front band spring. 

The lock holds solid on both full and half cock and the action of the mechanism is very smooth. 

The stock is full length with no major cracks or splits and only minimal burnout behind the bolster. 

The barrel was stretched and relined back to its original length by master barrel maker Bob Hoyt. The bore is excellent with no rust or pitting.

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