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P1853 Enfield

Armisport, Euroarms, Pedersoli Enfield

Remove visible Italian Markings and relocate the Serial number to the bottom of the barrelStrip blue and polish to Armory BrightAdd correct London or Birmingham Proofs $40.00

We draw file off the Italian markings and serial number from the barrel and re-stamp the serial number out-of-sight.  We then strip the bluing and  polish the barrel back to an Armory Bright luster. Although some London Enfields did feature blued barrels, the modern chemical bluing on reproduction Enfields is not historically accurate so strip it off and polish the barrel and bands to replicate the many armory bright guns that were manufactured in London.  When we're finished, you can't tell the markings or the bluing was ever there.  We also strip the non-period color case hardening from the bands and polish them to match the barrel. We polishing the tang screw to match the bands and the barrel. Finally, we re-stamp the breech with historically accurate London proof marks appropriate to the specific builder of the musket. Our stamps are as close to original as possible.

Standard Armisport Enfield direct from the factory; Italian proof  marks and serial number are very visible

Defarbed Armisport Enfield: Serial number relocated to the bottom of the barrel, Italian proofmarks removed, barrel polished and correct London Proof Marks applied.

Before: Historically inaccurate bluing and manufacturing info.

After: Bluing stripped off and barrel polished to armory bright

Before: Incorrect color case hardened bands. Original Enfields never had color case hardening on their bands.

After: Color case stripped and bands polished to armory bright.

Replace lock plate with correct London/Birmingham Contract Plate. $95.00-$120.00

We currently offer 8 different contract lock plates. Each one is hand-engraved and based off original plates. For a complete list of the plates we offer, as well as pricing information, click HERE.

The lock plates on reproduction enfields are not historically accurate; the color case is not done right and the stamps are not correct. Our custom hand-engraved plates are exact copies of original London Contract plates. Each one is hand engraved by a master engraver, ensuring that the size, font, and spacing of the lettering is perfect. Double line borders are also done by hand-just like the originals. Each plate is made based of off original "master plates" kept here at the shop so that we can confirm that our plates our 100% historically accurate. We currently offer 8 different plates. Pricing varies based on the plate chosen. Swapping made plates are machined copies of original Civil War import Enfields.
Before: incorrect "1853 Enfield" stamp on Armisport lock plateAfter: Custom, hand-engraved Pott and Hunt plate installed

Stamp stock with correct cartouches and maker's marks. $25.00

Original Enfields that were imported to the U.S. during the Civil War had several stamps in their stocks. These stamps were both import marks and maker's marks. Some stamps even showed where the gun was issued.  The cartouches applied to your stock will largely depend on the lock plate you choose, as different contractors had their own specific sets of stamps. However, we do have several optional stamps available, like Confederate the "JS Anchor" and "Sinclair Hamilton view Mark" Each stamp was made from a rubbbing of an original stamp on an original gun.

Potts and Hunt stock roundel.

Potts and Hunt acceptance stamp.

Colt-purchased Potts and Hunt Cartouche

Replace round eared escutcheons with squared eared escutcheons. $35.00

Enfields used during the Civil War featured brass, square-eared escutcheons. Reproduction Enfields come stock with round eared escutcheons. the round eared escutcheons are only found on guns issued to the British Army.  We replace these incorrect escutcheons with the correct square ear type.
Incorrect "Round Ear" EscutcheonsCorrected "Square Ear" Escutcheons

Replace front and rear swivels with correct type. $35.00

Reproduction enfields have an offset front swivel and a rectangular rear swivel. This is incorrect. We replace the front swivel with the correct centered type and we replace the rear swivel with an original swivel from an original Enfield rifle.

Rear swivel replaced with Original Enfield swivelFront swivel replaced with corrected "center stud" swivel
RecontourRestainand Refinish Stock. $140.00
All Italian Reproduction Enfield stocks, whether they be Armisport, Euroarms, or Pedersoli are generally fat and lumpy and they're lock panels are never shaped correctly. We specialize in correcting these flaws. We go through the stock section-by-section and hand contour the lock panels, wrists, combs and forestock to the dimensions of originals. We then stain it to the same deep red-ish browns of original Enfields before applying several hand-rubbed coats of Linseed Oil-the same finish applied to original muskets. This recontouring and reshaping process is very meticulous and we pride ourselves on the historically accuracy of our stock re-shaping. We are so confident in the authenticity of our stock recontouring, that we even photographed one of our defarbed enfields side-by-side next to an original gun so that all can see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our stock re-shaping is the highest quality. This side-by-side comparison is something that you won't find on any of our competitor's sites, and we encourage anyone who is considering having their stock re-shaped to check out the comparison photos. You can find them HERE  

Reproduction Enfields, especially armisport enfields like the one pictured above, come from the factory with lock panels that aren't the right size or shape. They're rounded where the should be squared, and pointed where the should be rounded.

Here's a corrected lock panel. The entire lock panel has been re-cut by hand and now comes to a gentle point like original guns, the dimensions are more uniform all the way around and now its "crispier" with the correct angles and corners.

Before: Rounded and undefined.

After: Re-shaped, crisp and sharp

Before: The front lock panel is uneven and undefined

After: Lock panel is evened out and cut deeper.

Before: Rounded and uneven

After: Re-profiled to a gentle point.

The Finished Product, completely re-worked.

Optional Service: Replace rear sight with machined copy of original. $100.00

The rear sights of reproduction enfields are quite crude. They're cast, the sight slides are screwed together and is easily lost, and they're screwed on to the barrel. We replace this sight with a machined copy of an original enfield sight.  Built by Rich Cross, these sights are the best in the business. They're installed on to the barrel like original enfield sights and they are much better for shooting

Before: Cheap cast sight screwed to the barrelAfter: Cheap cast sight replaced with machined sight. These can be either blued or armory bright-your choice.

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