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Pattern 1740 First Model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess

This Pattern 1740 First Model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess was assembled from castings made by the Rifle Shoppe. The musket was sent to us already assembled, but the components were badly inletted and the stock was poorly shaped without any of the ornate lock moldings or other details that typically define First Model Besses. 

The job of "beautifying" this 'Bess was given to our head gunsmith David Stavlo. David stripped the stock and re-inletted the furniture. He also straightened out the bent buttplate tang and re-installed it into the buttstock. The stock was also slimmed down and the wrist, butt, and stock tip were all reshaped to more faithfully recreate the profile of the originals. 

The bulk of David's efforts can be seen in the in the intricate carvings surrounding the lock and sideplate areas of the stock. The First Model Brown Bess is quite famous among collectors for these distinct and decorative carvings. David relief carved the moldings using photos of original guns for reference. These details really separate this gun from most of the other custom 'Besses on the market as they are difficult to carve and often executed poorly.

The stock was lightly stained and antiqued before several applications of hand rubbed oil finish were applied. The finished gun is wonderful blending of form and function. It's 46" .78 caliber barrel make it a beast to hold on to; while its slender profile and light decoration give it a delicate beauty all its own  

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