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Rare Greene Rifle

Your Price: $1,450.00
Availability: In Stock
Here's a great opportunity to own one of the Civil War's rarest rifles without spending $3000+. This Greene rifle is in excellent shape and is fully functional. It features a great stock with no cracks or chips and only a few minor handling marks. The bolt functions as it should and the lugs are have no damage. The bolt plunger also functions correctly; although it, as well as the bolt handle and rear nut are replacements. 

The hammer holds on both full and half cock, although not always reliably. The trigger pull is very light. The hammer bolt has been replaced as well.

The barrel is full length and the bore is very good with excellent rifling and minimal pitting. The ramrod is also a replacement. 

While this Greene does have some replacement parts, it remains a fully functional weapon with a lot of potential as a shooter. This is a great opportunity to pick up a very rare Civil War weapon without breaking the bank.

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