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Remington New Model Army Revolver

Remington New Model Army Revolver Defarbing Service: $155.00

In our quest to bring our customers the most historically accurate guns and service available, we have extended our custom defarbing services to the Remington New Model Army Revolver. These modifications are done in-housed by our gunsmith David Stavlo. David starts the process by carefully removing all the modern Italian markings from the barrel, frame and cylinder. He continues by restamping the serial number on the bottom of the barrel, just like the originals. The serial number is stamped using a period correct die set so the numbers are the same size and font as the originals. The grips are then thinned out and inspector's cartouches are applied to make this revolver a true military piece. David finishes the project by applying a patina to both the revolver and the grips. 

The finished gun is a real show piece. It's got the look of a well used original with the bore and mechanics of a brand new reproduction. 

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