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Scarce Springfield M1812 Type II W/ "Wickham Stud Band Retainers"

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Here's a fine example of one of the Springfield Armory's more rare muskets. This M1812 Type II is the only Springfield musket to be fitted with "Wickham stud band retainer". These short bands springs were developed by the MT Wickham armory located in Philadelphia. The clips required less stock inletting and were less prone to breaking than traditional band springs. Springfield fitted roughly 7,000 muskets with Wickham retaining studs, however after it was reported that the studs made it too difficult to remove barrel bands in the field for cleaning, the armory went back to traditional band springs in 1816.

This particular musket is a great example of the famous "Type II". It is all original with the exception of an American-made reproduction ramrod which has been aged to match the musket's patina. 

The lock was converted to percussion at some point by utilizing the the drum method. The trigger was modified during the conversion, which is why it has such a long travel in the photos. Despite this, both the lock and trigger are functional with a good half and full cock. 

The stock is excellent with no major chips or cracks. The edges are sharp; indicating the stock has never been sanded. 

This rare musket is sure to be a great talking point in anyone's collection.

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