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U.S. Martial M1863 New Model Remington Army Revolver

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Part Number: BS - SN 31707
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This original U.S inspected Remington New Model Army Revolver is in great shape.

The action is very smooth with a nice tight lock up and minimal cylinder wobble when cocked. The hammer holds solid on both full and half cock.  

The frame, barrel, and cylinder all feature numerous subinspector stamps; which is indicative a military gun with all it's original components. The Remington address on the barrel is crisp and legible; as is the serial number. 

The protected areas of the pistol still retain much of their original blued finish. 

The grips feature a set of very legible instpector's cartouches.

This pistol still has a lot of life left in as both a shooter and a collector's item!

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