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W. L. Evans M1816 Flintlock

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This exceedingly rare M1816 was built by W. L. Evans of Evansburg Pennsylvania (originally the area was known as "Valley Forge"; and that name appears on the lock plate of this musket). It is only one of 5,000 muskets produced by Evans between 1825 and 1830. It is in beautiful condition. The lock is dated 1829 while the barrel is dated 1830.  Lock and barrel dates that are only a year apart are often encountered on contract muskets as one component may have been completed in January of one year and then mated with other components made in December of the previous year; while still considered to be "all matching" by modern day collectors.

The lock has good markings and remains in its original flintlock configuration. This is not a reconversion from percussion!  The cock holds solid on both full and half cock, while the frizzen and spring remain very crisp. 

The stock is excellent with no chips or cracks and beautifully crisp edges; indicating that this musket has never been refinished. 

The barrel is full length and features a crisp tang date and proof marks. There is no rust or pitting anywhere and the bore is very good with no major rust or pitting. 

The furniture is all original and matching; including the ramrod, which is full length. 

This flintlock is among the rarest of the all the 1816 contract muskets. Evans muskets are rarely encountered. They are nearly unheard of in this condition!

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