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Lodgewood Mfg
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Lodgewood Mfg - Category Index
     Bullet Molds
     Cartridge Cases
     Cleaning Rods
     Cleaning Supplies
          1816 Springfield
          1841 Mississippi
          1842 Springfield/Harpers Ferry
          1861 Springfield
          1861 Whitneyville Plymouth
          1863 Remington Zouave
          1863 Springfield
          Austrian Lorenz
          British Enfield Musket and Snider
          M1855 Springfield/Harper's Ferry
          Trapdoor 1868 2nd Allin
          Trapdoor 1873
          Trapdoor 1884
          Trapdoor 1886 W/ Triangle Bayonet
     Seating Tools
     Sight Protectors
     Sizing Dies
          Lubrisizer Sizing Die
          Push Thru Sizing Die
     Clearance Barrels
Cartridge Cases
Complete Locks/Lock Plates
     Complete Locks
          Austrian Lorenz
          Browse All Complete Locks
          Greene Carbine
          M1795 through M1840
          M1841 Mississippi
          M1851 Cadet
          M1859/M1863 Sharps
          M1861 Colt Special and Contract Models
          M1861 Springfield and Contract Models
          M1861 Whitneyville Plymouth
          M1863 and M1863 Type II
          Single Shot Pistol
          Starr Carbine
          Trapdoor Springfield
          Browse All Lock Plates/Lock Plates
          Burnside Carbine
          Gallagher Carbine
          Joslyn Carbine
          M1795 through M1840
          M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle
          M1842 Springfield and Harper's Ferry
          M1851 Cadet Musket
          M1855 Rifle and Rifled Musket
          M1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine
          M1861 "Special Model"
          M1861 Springfield and Contracts
          M1863/1864 Springfield
          Richmond Rifle and Musket
          Sharps Rifle and Carbine
          Spencer Carbine/Rifle
          Starr Carbine
          Whitney "Good and Serviceable" Muskets
     Confederate Griswold & Gunnison Revolver
     Confederate Spiller and Burr Revolver
     LeMat Revolver
     M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle
     M1842 Springfield
     M1861 Colt Special
     M1861 Springfield
     P1853 Enfield
     Remington New Model Army Revolver
Firearms for Sale
     Browse all Guns for Sale
     Muskets and Other Rifles
     New Firearms
     Pistols and Revolvers
Gallery - Previously Sold Custom-Built Firearms
      "Low Hammer Spur" Confederate Tucker & Sherrard Revolver
      CSA Shotgun W/ Socket Bayonet Alteration
     1620's Dutch Match Lock
     Athens Ga. Cook & Bros. Rifle
     Colt "Prototype" Army Revolver Copied from William B. Edwards' THE STORY OF COLT'S REVOLVER
     Confderate-Altered M1803 Harper's Ferry Rifle
     Confederate "M Rifle" Enfield
     Confederate 1863 Richmond Musket
     Confederate Montgomery Arsenal-Modified Harper's Ferry M1842
     Confederate Read & Watson-Modified Hall Carbine
     Custom Colt Second Generation 1851 Navy Martial Revolver
     EP Bond Confederate Enfield Copied off an Original from the Blockade Runner GLADIATOR
     Fayetteville-Altered Confederate Hall Carbine
     First Model Dance Brothers Navy Revolver
     First Model Griswold & Gunnison Revolver
     First Model Virginia Manfufactory Rifle
     First Model Virginia Manufactory Musket Converted to Percussion
     Hall Belly Pistol Copied from RT Huntington's Book HALL'S BREECHLOADERS
     Iron Mounted M1855 Harper's Ferry Rifle
     London Armoury Confederate-Imported P1853 Enfield
     M1842 Palmetto Musket
     M1847 Springfield Musketoon
     M1861 Springfield
     Mid 18th Century Club Butt Fowler Modified for Militia Usage
     P1856 Barnett Cavalry Carbine
     Pattern 1740 First Model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess
     Philadelphia "Palmer" Committee of Safety Musket
     Re-Stocked Tipping & Lawden P1853 Enfield
     Revolutionary War Committee of Safety Musket
     Rifled-and-Sighted Palmetto M1842 Musket
     RT Pritchett P1853 Enfield Musket
     Second Model Virginia Manufactory Musket
     Tucker & Sherrard Dragoon Revolver
     Turn-of-the-Century Flintlock Dueling Pistol
     Wm. Muir M1861 Contract Musket
Gift Certificates
Gun Tools
Gunsmithing, and Restorations
     General Repairs
          Repair Request Instructions
          Colt First Generation Single Action Army "Sheriff's Model"
          Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver
          Colt Lightning "Large Frame" Rifle
     Breechloader Parts (Trapdoor, Rolling Block, Ballard, etc.)
          1868-1870 .50-70 Trapdoor
          1873-1889 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor
          1st and 2nd Allin Trapdoor
          Ballard Rifle and Carbine Parts
          Miller Conversion
          Remington Rolling Block
          Wesson Rifle & Carbine Parts
     Carbine Parts
          Ball Carbine
          Burnside Carbine
          Enfield Musketoon
          Gallagher Carbine
          Greene Carbine
          Joslyn Carbine
          Maynard Carbine
          Merrill Carbine
          Richmond Carbine
          Sharps & Hankins Carbine
          Sharps Carbine
          Smith Carbine
          Spencer Repeating Carbine
          Starr Carbine
     Civilian Parts
     Musket And Rifle Parts
          Austrian Lorenz
          Brazillian Light Minie Rifle
          Colt Revolving Rifle
          Hall's Rifle
          M1795 Springfield and Contracts
          M1816 Springfield/Harper's Ferry
          M1841 Mississippi
          M1842 Springfield/Harper's Ferry
          M1855 Remington
          M1855 Springfield/Harper's Ferry
          M1861 Colt Special
          M1861 Springfield and Contracts
          M1861 Whitney Flush Plate
          M1861 Whitneyville Plymouth
          M1863 Zouave
          M1863/64 Springfield
          Sharps Rifle
          Spencer Rifle
     Parts for Reproduction Carbines
          Armisport Enfield Musketoon
          Erma Gallagher
          Euroarms Cook & Bros
          Euroarms Enfield Musketoon
          Euroarms J.P. Murray
          Harper's Ferry/ Ramshorn Maynard
          Pietta Smith Carbine
          Yeck Smith Carbine
     Parts for Reproduction Muskets and Rifles
          Armi Sport 1842 Springfield
          Armi Sport 1861 Springfield
          Armi Sport Enfield
          Armi Sport/Zoli Zouave
          Euroarms 1861 Springfield
          Euroarms Enfield
          Euroarms m1841 Mississippi
          Euroarms Zouave
          Navy Arms 1863 Springfield
          Pedersoli Brown Bess
     Parts for Reproduction Revolvers
          Pietta 1849 Colt Pocket
          Pietta 1851 Colt Navy
          Pietta 1858 Remington Navy
          Pietta 1858 Remington New Model Army
          Pietta 1860 Colt Army
          Uberti 1849 Colt Pocket
          Uberti 1851 Colt Navy
          Uberti 1858 Remington Navy
          Uberti 1858 Remington New Model Army
          Uberti 1860 Colt Army
          Uberti Colt Dragoon
          Uberti Colt Walker
     Repeater Parts (Spencer, Henry, Krag, etc.)
          Krag Parts
          M1882 Chaffee Reese
          Spencer Repeating Carbine
          Triplett & Scott Carbine
     Revolver Parts
          1877 Colt Lightning and Thunderer Revolver
          Colt 1849 Pocket
          Colt 1851 Navy
          Colt 1855 Root
          Colt 1860 Army
          Colt 1861 Navy
          Colt 1862 Navy Pocket
          Colt Dragoon
          Colt Single Action Army
          Colt Walker
          Cooper .36 & .31 Double Action
          Merwin Hulbert
          Remington 1858 New Model Army
          Remington 1858 New Model Navy
          Remington Beals
          Remington Pocket Model
          Replacement Grips
          Smith & Wesson Model #2
          Starr .36 & .44 Double Action
          Starr .44 Single Action
          Whitney Revolver .36 cal
     Single Shot Pistol Parts
Project Guns
Sell Your Gun!
     Carbine Stocks
     Musket/Rifle Stock
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