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Colt 3rd Generation M1848 Dragoon W/ Case

Your Price: $750.00
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Here's a fantastic collector grade Colt. This Colt Signature Series M1848 Dragoon is in near mint condition. Its is lightly used and all its finishes are in fantastic shape with minimal wear. The action is still very smooth and the gun locks up very tight with minimal cylinder wobble. The bore and chambers are both good with no pitting. These revolvers differ from other reproduction on the market in that they were build and finished by Colt and feature all the proper roll stamps and finishes like bone charcoal color case hardening on the frame, hammer and loading lever. Colt discontinued these guns roughly 15 years ago so the opportunity to own a correctly marked Colt Revolver is becoming increasingly rare! 

Included with this revolver is a Colt brand fitted case. These walnut cases were sold specifically for the Signature Series pistols by Colt. The case is an excellent condition and makes for a great display.

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