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M1842 Springfield W/ Bayonet

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Here's a fantastic, collector grade, M1842. The Model 1842 has the distinction of being America's last smoothbore musket. This venerable .69 caliber was also the first universally interchangeable arm built by America's Federal arsenals of Springfield and Harper's Ferry. Because of it's interchangeability and robust design, the M1842 was issued in large number during the Civil War and was used heavily by both Federal and Confederate forces. 

This particular '42 is in excellent condition. The stock is in excellent condition with a great blonde color. The lock panels are crisp and sharp indicating that this musket was never sanded. The original inspector's cartouche is crisp and legible. 

The lock is in great shape. All the markings are crisp and legible and the hammer holds solid at both full and half cock. 

The barrel is full length and in good condition. The stamps at the breech are present, with a great VP and Eagle and a matching tang date. The bore is excellent-shiny with no rust or pitting.

All the furniture is original and in great shape. Nicely finished in its original "arsenal bright" polish with no rust or abuse. The ramrod is full length.

This musket comes complete with an original bayonet which matches the gun perfectly in terms of both quality and condition.

This would be an ideal addition to anyone's collection. The M1842 was such a staple on the Civil War Battlefield that no collection is complete without it!

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