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M1855 Remington Conversion W/ Bayonet

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Here's a great example of a M1855 Remington conversion of the M1816. These muskets were originally built as flintlocks until Remington was given a contract by the US government to convert 20,000 M1816 flintlock muskets to percussion using newly made Maynard tape primer percussion locks and bolstered patent breeches. Remington began the work in 1856 and completed the contract in 1858.

This particular Remington conversion is a nice representative of the Remington M1855. It is all original and in excellent condition.

The stock is in great shape with no cracks, splits or rotten spots; and only a few minor handling marks. All of the original inspector's cartouches, including Remington's inspection marks, are present and legible.

The lock is fully functional and complete. The markings on the lock are very legible with no real rust or pitting to speak of.

The barrel is full length and in good condition. The bore very good without any major rust or pitting. The furniture is in good condition and matches the rest of the musket.

Included with this musket is an original bayonet which fits the piece well and matches the condition. 

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