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M1863 Springfield W/ Maple Stock

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This unique fowling piece is an example of utilitarian ingenuity. This M1864 Springfield was undoubtedly one of the thousands that was sold on the surplus market after the Civil War. Many rifle muskets were "sporterized" Most sporterizations however, simply involve shortening both the barrel and stock, but this particular piece is unique in that an entirely new curly maple was custom made to fit the musket's components; making it more of an American Longfowler than a cut down musket.

The lock functions well and holds a good half and full cock. The lock plate markings are crisp and legible. 

The custom stock is nicely shaped, with more "drop" than a standard musket stock; aiding in wing shooting. There are no cracks or splits anywhere. 

The barrel is roughly 30" and has been reamed to smooth bore. The bore is fair with some scattered rust. 

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