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Martially-Marked M1860 Colt Army

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The M1860 Army Revolver is considered by many to be the most beautiful revolver that Colt ever produced. It's graceful lines and near perfect balance make it as fun to behold as it is to shoot. It is the quintessential Civil War revolver as nearly 130,000 were purchased by the US Government during the war; making it the most widely used revolver of the conflict. It is safe to say that no Civil War weapons collection is complete without an M1860. 

This particular revolver is an excellent example of the war's most popular hand gun. This M1860 is in good shape. It is 100% complete with a serial number range of 87,000 putting its date of manufacture in 1863.. The serial number can be found stamped on all major parts, even the wedge.

 It is one of the many M1860's purchased by the US Government for use in the War; as indicated by the military sub inspector's marks that can be found on all of the revolver's major components. It also sports a set of deep, legible cartouches on the grips. 

This steel components of this Colt are in excellent shape. It has a great "untouched" look, with most of its original finish have turned plum from years of storage. The lock up is nice and tight with no wobble in the cylinder. The action is very smooth. The hammer has a positive half and full cock. 

The barrel is in great condition. The Colt address stamp is intact and legible. There is a little wobble between the barrel and the frame - a byproduct of many years of shooting, and ramming bullets. The bore is in good shape with good rifling and some scattered pitting at the muzzle - an unfortunate by-product of years spent sitting in a holster. The cylinder matches the barrel in condition and much of the original cylinder scene is legible. Each one of the chambers is good with no major pitting or erosion. 

The grips, trigger guard, back strap, and loading lever are all original and all matching.

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