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Ohio M1809 Potsdam W/ Relined Bore

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The 1809 Potsdam Conversion was a commonly imported musket on both sides of the Civil War. But, while these weapons were very heavily used in America, they were also used extensively on the European battlefield. So how is the modern collector to know if a M1809 was imported to North American in 1862 or in 1962? Well, for a majority of guns, one can never tell for sure. But, this particular Potsdam has a very specific tell that proves it to be a legitimate Civil War relic: it is marked in two places with the word "OHIO" indicating that it was purchased by the state for militia troops early in the war. These state marked guns are extremely rare, and Ohio is one of only a few states to "surcharge stamp" there muskets.

This Potsdam is in great shape, and is 100% original with no replacement parts. The lock is grey in color with some areas of textured patina. The hammer holds solid on both full and half cock. 

The stock is in great shape with no cracks or splits - a rare feature among beech wood stocked guns. There is some minor burn-out behind the hammer. The "OHIO" stamps in the wrist and the lock panel are both legible and crisp. 

The barrel is full length with patina that matches the lock. Both front and rear sights are intact and unmodified. The bore was relined to .685 by renowned barrel maker Bob Hoyt and is in excellent condition with no rust or pitting. The ramrod is full length.

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