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Second Model Merrill Carbine

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Here's an example of a widely used, but rarely encountered Civil War Carbine - the Merrill. This unusual breechloader was produced in Baltimore and features a unique toggle lever at the breech which allows a .54 caliber paper cartridge to to be loaded. While more than 14,000 of these carbines were produced the Merrill ultimately lost out to more "traditional" falling block breechloaders like the Sharps and Burnside; making this gun somewhat of a rarity in modern times.

This particular example is in excellent condition. The stock is in beautiful shape with no cracks or chips and nice sharp edges; indicating that this carbine was never refinished or sanded. An original inspector's cartouche can be found above the saddle bar.

The lock is also in great shape with smooth half and full cock and good markings. The breech block is all complete and locks up tightly. 

The barrel is full length and the rear sight is high quality reproduction made by Rich Cross. The bore is in beautiful condition - very clean with sharp rifling and no major rust or pitting.

The furniture is all original with the exception of the front band which is a reproduction from the Rifle Shoppe.

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