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Thomas French M1808 Contract Musket

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By 1808, new fears of a war with England caused Congress to authorize an increase in musket production. As a result new contracts were given to 18 private firms to produce the 1795/1808 pattern muskets in order to supplement the arms already produced by the Federal arsenals at Springfield and Harper's Ferry. Among these contractors was the firm of Thomas French, Phineas Blake, and Adam Kinsley, in Canton, Massachusetts; who received a government contract for 4,000 muskets on October 20, 1808. It is not clear how many muskets the firm delivered, but we do know the contract was not renewed, making these "T. French"-marked M1808 quite rare.

This musket is in good "attic condition" It features an untouched "chocolate brown" patina on all metal parts. The lock was converted to a "drum style" percussion conversion sometime in the mid 19th Century. The lock markings are crisp and legible, The action of the hammer is surprisingly smooth with solid half and full cock.

The stock is full length and shows a traditional wrist repair that consists of a neatly shaped brass cuff carefully shaped and nailed around the wrist. These repairs are extremely common on original guns as they were sturdy and reliable. Even after more than 100 years, the repair is very solid with no wiggle or "play" whatsoever. The stock has a few other minor drying cracks around the tang, but overall is very sound. 

The barrel is full length and the bore is dark. The furniture is all original, including the ram rod.

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