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Uberti Colt M1860 Army Revolver W/ Detachable Butt Stock.

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This used Uberti Colt M1860 Army Revolver with detachable shoulder stock is the perfect accessory for a Cavalryman. 

The concept of a shoulder-stocked revolver is one that Colt experimented with in the 1850s. The idea was to give a dragoon maximum versatility - the revolver could be used by itself for short range point blank engagements, while the shoulder stock could be mounted to aid in accuracy while dismounted. The concept never gained much traction when applied to the heavy M1848 Dragoon revolvers, but with the development of Colt's lightweight M1860 Army revolver, the idea was tried once again. The early Colt Army revolvers were designed for use with a shoulder stock; although relatively few stocks were actually produced. Ultimately, the idea of "stocked revolver" was scrapped as more versatile and rapid loading carbines became available. 

Just like original Colts, modern reproduction most modern M1860 Army revolvers are designed to accept a detachable shoulder stock, but the stocks themselves are extremely rare. Moreover, the few reproduction stocks that are available on the marketed are advertised as "one size fits" all; when in actuality, they tend to be undersized and not compatible with many reproductions. 

This used Uberti M1860 comes complete with a very nicely fit shoulder stock that is easy to both install and remove. This pistol is in great shape. The hammer locks up solid on both full and half cock and the action is very smooth. The cylinder locks up tight with minimal wobble.

The barrel is in excellent condition with minimal handling marks and sharp rifle. 

The butt stock is very nice and is unmarked. The wood has no chips or cracks.

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