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Original M1860 Army "Four Screw" Revolver. 1861 Production!

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The Colt 1860 Army Revolver is the quintessential Civil War sidearm. The Union Army purchased nearly 130,000 of these pistols from Colt; making the M1860 the most commonly used revolver during the war. 

This particular revolver is a rare example of very early production M1860. The serial number data on this pistol shows that it was produced in 1861; during the very beginning of the Civil War. This revolver also features numerous U.S. subinspector stamps; indicating that this was one of the very first 1860 Armies to find its way into the hands of the Union Army. Given these features, it is extremely likely that this pistol was used in combat during the Civil War. There are few Civil War guns that offer as much circumstanstial combat-use evidence as this one; short of being I.D'd to a particular soldier.

This revolver is in excellent shootable condition It is an early "four screw" model; meaning it features a "fourth" screw on the side of its frame which was intended for use with a shoulder stock; a feature that was eliminated on later production models.

The pistol's action is wonderfully smooth with positive half and full cock. The cylinder is timed perfectly; as evidenced by the lack of drag marks that are so often seen on the cylinder of of other original Colts. The cylinder spins freely on half cock and locks up with minimal wobble on full cock; just like it should. The cylinder itself is in very good condition with a lot of it's original naval battle scene remaining. The chambers are cleaning with only minor frost pitting. 

The barrel is full length and the original Colt Address stamp is crisp and legible. The bore is good with sharp rifling and minimal rust and pitting.

There is no wobble between the barrel and the frame. 

This pistol is sure to be the crown jewel of anyone's collection!

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